Dunnage Handling Systems

One of our most popular designs has been the Stor•On•Line® container handling system. Hundreds of these systems have been produced in both over/under and side by side configurations to handle a wide range of container sizes and styles.

Our Stor•On•Line® systems are increasing productivity in factories all over the United States and Canada. Leading automotive equipment producers, consumer electronics and appliance manufacturers specify Stor•On•Line® systems for their part delivery requirements.

Stor•On•Line® container handling systems can be designed and built for nearly every container imaginable. Systems have been built to handle everything from small parts trays to immense shipping racks.

Some reasons for specifying the Stor•On•Line® system include:

Ergonomic container access: The Stor•On•Line® reduces operator bending and reaching by positioning containers at a more ergonomically acceptable height and angle. A standard P2 Stor•On•Line® pays for itself if it saves you a single back injury loss.

Floor space savings: Stor•On•Line® saves floor space by storing containers vertically. A standard P2 system saves approximately 30 square feet of valuable floor space, compared to storing the same number of containers on the floor.

Efficient material flow: Stor•On•Line® allows containers to flow into and out of the workstation efficiently. Reduce the time and effort operators waste walking around containers setting on the floor by reducing the clutter of containers in the work area.

Just in time inventory: Stor•On•Line® allows material storage at the point of use. Containers can go directly from the truck to the line, saving you the cost of double handling.

Material management by sight: Stor•On•Line® allows stock handlers to determine by sight, which operators need more parts. The Stor•On•Line® system shows an obvious available space for another full container, stock handlers can look down an aisle and see if the parts are needed without having to stop and check at each workstation.

"Pull" inventory system: Stor•On•Line® creates an inventory system that "pulls" containers as needed. The full container buffer means operators are not tied as closely to the ability of the stock handlers to bring material in time. You save valuable production time.







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